Concert reviews

“Warwickshire’s Oriflamme Chamber Ensemble, under the musical direction of Antoine Mitchell, gave an engaging performance of Haydn and Brahms this weekend in support of the Mayor of Warwick’s charity … As a musical educator, Mitchell challenged both musicians and audience to engage with the musical tapestry of a Serenade [Brahm’s No.1 in D Major] unfamiliar to many.” Read more.

Haydn Oxford Symphony & Brahms Serenade No.1 ~ Lizzie Perring – Warwick Courier, 2014

“A wide-eyed audience was rocked to the core by the sheer vastness of this tremendous musical feast. Antoine Mitchell is an unstoppable force for music. Drawing out the intricate detail of the score with masterful authority, under his baton Verdi truly comes alive.” Read more.

Verdi Requiem ~ Lizzie Perring – Warwick Courier, 2014

“An excellent and moving performance from this prestigeous orchestra under its Chief Conductor Antoine Mitchell, one of the truly most important of the new generation of English conductors.”

Mendelssohn Symphony no 4 Italian ~ Ritmo Madrid – Lublin State Philharmonic Orchestra, 1993

“Mastery of preparation and attention to detail were the hallmarks of a riveting performance. The playing was magnificent, particularly with respect to tempo and dynamic range.”

Elgar In The South overture ~ Dziennik Lubelski, March 1991

“The sound here was quite wonderful, the interpretation startingly modern: Brahms with an unusually high emotional temperature, vibrant colours and gripping tensions that swelled and broke like waves. Even more impressive was the total self-confidence and effectiveness of the actual performance: the orchestra played beyond itself. Perhaps, more accurately, it played precisely the way the conductor conceived it should.”

Brahms Symphony No 4. ~ Dziennik Lubelski, March 1991

“Praise for the Orquestra Sinfonica of the Teatro Nacional de Sao Carlos under the proficient direction of Maestro Antoine Mitchell: with an orchestra with secure tempi and rhythm, with a Maestro fully attentive to the stage, and without any ugliness in the violin solos was a miracle: it remains only for us to derive now an even greater pleasure from this well tuned and cohesive orchestra, thanks to the energy and strong pulse of Antoine Mitchell.”

Tchaikovsky Swan Lake ~ Lisbon, October 1986

“The conductor Antoine Mitchell has never done anything finer than this. His architectural skills built the music up into the most stupendous of climaxes that released a surge of power right through the auditorium.”

Wagner Die Walk├╝re Act One ~ Essex Weekly News

“The ESO’s conductor Antoine Mitchell is renowned for his skill in understanding the architecture of the music he performs and this was the reason for the success of the Elgar symphony No 1. As the music strode purposefully forward all the climaxes were precisely placed and the more tender moments were filled with that wistful nostalgia that comes even more to the forefront in the composer’s post-war cello concerto. The strings produced a warm and more sustained tone, the woodwind and the solo oboe and clarinet especially created a tonal radience that glowed and at all times the brass blazed magnificently.”

Elgar Symphony No 1 ~ Essex Weekly News

“In the last decade he has boosted the players morale and raised their standard of playing so that the Essex Symphony Orchestra today is known for its incisive attack and confident tone. Mr Mitchell’s achievement has been to present powerful readings of all the major symphonic works where the music’s structure is presented in a clear and decisive manner. . . . A musician who understands the special qualities, both physical and spiritual, that make this composer’s music so great – the first and last movements were truly awesome in Mr Mitchell’s imposingly shaped performance, a performance that had thrust, drive and a total realisation of the spiritual nature of the final adagio. It was Antoine Mitchell’s understanding of Bruckner’s architecture that gave this memorable account its impact.”

Bruckner Symphony No 9 ~ Essex Weekly News

“A studied, sensitive, but above all, committed performance … a most moving interpretation.”

Elgar The Dream of Gerontius ~ Essex Countryside Magazine